wellness and Ayurveda packages for medical tourists

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It is not the physical functioning of the body that needs attention. Often the mental health and rejuvenation of the soul is neglected. We, offer a comprehensive package of services and facilities as a part of medical tourism that not just seeks into the treatment proper but also caters to soul rejuvenation to help overcome travel and stress related to extensive hospital stays, rigorous treatment regimens etc.
The facilities come in the form of wellness programs or Ayurveda packages which are complimentary with the medical tourism package and can be taken either at the end of medical travel or during the medical travel itself, when it is extensive with breaks in between ( for example, chemotherapeutic schedules, recurrence of a pathology and its treatment etc).
There are a choice of locations that can be opted for all preferable within the vicinity of the main treatment seeking place yet a retreat from the same. The wellness packages include meditation and yoga, physiotherapy if needed. Ayurvedic packages include spa facilities, natural treatment with traditional medicines of organic nature under the supervision of trained physicians and holistic consultation that caters to the ailments of the mind, body and soul, soothes and relaxes, diminishesthe stressful state a person is under.
It is a much needed retreat that not only helps in doing away with the stress but also regain the self confidence and peace of mind which is important for a good mental health and proper functioning of the mind and body.

wellness and Ayurveda packages for medical tourists
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wellness and Ayurveda packages for medical tourists
wellness Ayurveda free packages for medical Tourist In India
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International India Wellness Medical Tourism Association
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