Treatment Packages


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4 days

Minimally invasive surgical procedure performed on patients with a herniated lumbar disc. to relieve pressure on the cord
brain tumor

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8 days

the objective of surgery is to remove as many tumor cells as possible, with complete removal being the best outcome. find Best Neurosurgery Hospitals and Doctors in India & Neuro surgery Treatment Cost in India

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4 days

Gastric Bypass Sleeve Gastrectomy Adjustable gastric band Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch Bariatric Surgery Cost In India

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4 days

A laminectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a portion of the vertebral bone called the lamina.

7 days

Surgical t/t from freehand procedures to highly-accurate, state-of-the-art robotic procedure. Prostate cancer Surgery -5000 $/ Cervical Cancer surgery-4000$ Oncology Surgery Cost In India

21 days

A liver transplant that replaces a patient's diseased liver with a whole or partial healthy liver from another person. Liver Transplant cost in India

5 days

transplanting blood stem cells, where they produce new blood cells and promote the growth of new marrow.

6 days

Total and partial knee replacement and revision joint replacement stay in India-2-3 weeks