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Medical tourism comes with an integrated package of not just treatment modalities but the over journey that is undertaken and every perspective related to it. A proper stay is a mandatory part of the entire treatment package and we offer the best deals, within a reasonable budget that makes it not just affordable, but also provides with standard quality of services and other additional assistance as per the budget of the client or patient.
The last thing one would want to encounter while on a serious treatment propaganda, is to face difficulties with places to stay or manage the basic needs. With our medical tourism package we offer complimentary or discounted hotels to our medical travellers. Based on the location preferred for treatment and the plan of package opted for, there are a host of best budget hotels available at a fair pricing because of their tie-ups with us.
The key features that are kept in mind while providing the medical travellers with the list of budget hotels to choose from are location and accessibility, as far as possible located close enough to the hospital or healthcare centre, other amenities like complimentary breakfast, an array of room features, like bedding requirements, room facilities, room service specifications, special recommendations with the food in case of specific restrictions or vulnerabilities with allergies, so on and so forth, apart from the cost effectiveness and general feel-good factor.
Facilities like hospital shuttles to and from the hotel and emergency services with 24*7 helplines being active are another added advantage to help the medical travellers focus on the more important things at hand rather than having to bother with trivialities.


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