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IIWMTA is an organization primarily devoted to provide medical assistance to patients who need to travel for medical and health-related purposes, thereby aiming to resolve any issues or dilemmas that come in hand during the said process. The company is patient-centric and filters their modalities of assistance as per the criteria of the patient so as to optimally empower the patient and his family, to get access to the best possible facilities at hand.
We have a globally knitted network of recognized hospitals, clinic and other institutions of treatment which are deemed to provide satisfactory results based upon the need of the patient.
Our assistance is not just limited to making the basic choice of treatment and decisions related to it, but a complete package of the entire travel that the treatment process involves apart from preliminary treatment like accommodations for the ones accompanying the patient, estimate of budget, etc, so that the entire experience passes off smoothly without adding to further stress factor of the already ailing and their near ones.

Our Mission

Zero-bits loss

Often the most important resource that is limited and we tend to run out of, is time. There involves a lot of time that is spent in taking decisions , creating communications and setting up arrangements once the decision to seek medical aid is taken. We, at IIWMTA , strive to reduce this time lag between the processing of decisions and acting upon it, which could be life-saving or provide better prognosis in a lot of cases. Our mission is to reduce the loss in terms of time and reduce the gap between patients and their preferred choice of treatment to recovery. We pace ourselves with the patient and his family at all junctures to ensure a smooth transit across geographical and cultural variations on the path to recovery.

Our Vision

Resolving the maze from diagnosis to recovery

Here at IIWMTA, our greater vision is to join the dots to ease the trail from diagnosis to recovery. We aim to utilize technology to its utmost, to break the barriers between the patient
and the best possible treatment that he/she could seek . Through our database and well- knitted network of globally acclaimed health-care centres, hospitals, multi-speciality clinics likewise and also ground-force manual assistance providing team, we look forward to making this journey to recovery a hassle-free and memorable.
The agonies of the one suffering can never be felt by the others at a distance, but at IIWMTA , we try our best to assist and counsel those who approach us for medical
assistance and advise regarding travelling for the same or anything related to it. We emphasize on developing personal and individual relations for the better understanding of the scenario at hand and providing the best possible choices through our appreciable domain hold that gives the patient the advantage of having all the choices sorted in hierarchy with their details under one roof and help in selecting the apt one with full faith and conviction.

Our services

Our scope of assistance and guidance manoeuvres through the entire span of the journey of the patient and consists of the following:

Zeroing down on the choice of Hospital

Operating in the core team, of our entire medical assistance program is a strong surveillance body that monitors the overall quality and a specific protocol of detailed inspection, monitoring and selection of hospitals and clinics likewise, certified by globally renowned agencies like JCI and ACHHI. We offer a diverse choice of critically acclaimed hospitals offering the choicest of medical and healthcare amenities to choose from, as per the requirement and threshold of the patient.

Prior booking and appointments

Before embarking on this journey which involves significant travelling, we allow our patients the opportunity to communicate with the hospital or doctors they've decided upon, to ensure their complete faith in the choice. In addition, we take upon ourselves to arrange for your domestic or international travel via air, medical visa letter, transportation routes, surface or maritime, as per your convenience. We also arrange for your accommodation and ensure a comfortable stay based upon your culinary taste and choice of amenities at a much discounted price than the places would normally offer, with the help of our partner hotels in service.

Round-the- clock care and services during the stay

We take every step to ensure that your stay remains hassle-free. Specially provided escorts for airport transfers, admission into hospitals, looking into requisites of care and services inside and outside the hospital, other assistance like procuring a local mobile to connect overseas, translator or monetary matters, are few of the assistances we provide, so to state. Any round the clock assistance, or emergency support required during the stay is offered by us.

Alternate opinion

While we ensure that you are completely convinced about your choice and experience the best possible form of treatment services, a second opinion for un-biased and neutral understanding is something highly recommended. We do provide for this , through our video-conferencing platform that hosts a number of expertise doctors to aid to your queries and provide their opinions.

The Aftermath and recovery care

We appoint follow-up sessions on your behalf, post the primary mode of treatment , so that the doctor can assess the progress and response to treatment of the patient, advise accordingly to ensure proper recovery once the patients are back to their homeland.

Air Ambulance

If the need be so, we do make provisions for air-ambulance either commercial, or a chartered one assisted by a trained Medical troupe and stretcher services.

Five commandments of our Value proposition

Empower : Provide sufficient knowledge so that patient gains clarity of thoughts and confidence to take up the travel needed for the treatment.
Organize: To allocate and assist with the budget and modalities of treatment and make the stay in the country as smooth as possible.
Execute: To convert in actions the ideas and services proposed, in proper time with full satisfaction of the patient and their accompanying members.
Coordinate: Provide realistic assistance and coordinate with the patient and the hospital and other facility providing centres to ensure proper communication and reception of services
for the medical travel to be a success.
Capacitate: To continuously monitor quality of services, keep them up-to- date and provide the best possible alternatives to choose from for the medical treatment.

Our Values

We offer Accredited Hospitals


To convert in actions the ideas and services proposed, in proper time with full satisfaction.

Free Second Opinion


To continuously monitor the quality of services, keep them up-to-date and provide the best possible alternatives to choose from for the medical treatment

Best price guarantee


Provide realistic assistance and coordinate with the patient and the hospital and facility providers to ensure proper communication of services

All Inclusive Packages


To allocate and assist with the budget and modalities of treatment and make the stay in the country as smooth as possible
Happy Customers
Hotel To Comfort & Pleasant stay
Destination To fly
Awesome Tours

We offers following services to the patients traveling abroad for treatment:


  • Doctor and Hospital Recommendation of the highest standard
  • Evaluation of case from multiple specialist¬†Doctors
  • Best Quote for treatment from multiple hospitals
  • Free Second opinion
  • Priority Appointment with the doctor on arrival in India
  • Priority Admission to chosen¬†hospital
  • Assistance in post treatment rehabilitation or physiotherapy at your place of stay
  • Assistance in Post treatment followups with surgeon


  • Visa Assistance
  • Flight ticket Assistance
  • Airport pickup and drop
  • Assistance in travel within the city
  • Sightseeing recommendations and planning
  • Assistance in shopping

Comfort during stay

  • Local guide book
  • Assistance in local SIM Card
  • Assistance in Hotels or guest house selection
  • Daily Follow-up
  • Language Interpreter

Money Matters

  • Assistance in resolving issues with the hospital bill
  • Assistance in Foreign Exchange

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